FIT – a Fully Independent Traveller, is a term common within the tourism industry, tour operators and hospitality organizations (such as a hotel). Essentially, the Fully Independent Traveller is a single tourist. It can represent a couple or family but is traditionally thought of in the singular form. These leisure tourists are independent and planning their own travel dates and itinerary without the assistance of a group tour or pre-arranged schedule of major touring companies.

Aussie Tour Planner is a one-stop destination when it comes to FIT touring for your client’s. We offer ground transport, tours, meals and accommodation – everything packaged and customized as per your clients’ requirement. Our strong communication network ensures that the guests get support whenever needed once in Australia. We ensure that every aspect of their holiday or travel experience with us is pleasing.



Some of the benefits of FIT tour are:

  • People can travel independently (single or with family or couple).
  • They do not have to stick to the group schedule that is pre-decided by the major touring companies. They are free to select their own travel dates and duration.
  • FITs can create their own itinerary with as many inclusions that they want. They can do this even with the help of travel agents.
  • FIT travellers cover many tours with Seat-in-Coach (SIC) basis, which is a shared transfer arrangement. Due to this, they get to interact more with people of different nationality.
  • Many of the activities can be done at their convenient time. For example: If they want to visit “Eureka Skydeck”, they can go there any time between its operating hours, i.e. 10 AM to 10 PM.
  • They get enough free time to walk around the streets of the cities they are visiting and thus can explore the culture more closely.