GIT stands for Group Inclusive Tour. Normally we call it as Group Tour or Package Tour as it is a package of transport + accommodation + sightseeing.

It is a travel program with a special fare and specific requirements (usually a minimum number of persons often more than 5 persons travelling as a group throughout the tour). Hence, in nutshell, it is a group tour.

Benefits of group tours:

  • Group tours can be cheaper than FIT tours. The main reason behind this could be the suppliers providing more discounts to the tour operators and this is passed on to the travellers.
  • Group tours are mostly escorted by a tour guide who takes care of tours running at a scheduled time and as defined in the itinerary.
  • With the people from the same locality/area travelling together, group tours can be more fun and morally be supporting for group members.
  • Group tours mostly include tried and tested destinations and the itinerary is put together by years of experience.

MICE is an acronym for Meetings, Incentive Travels, Conventions and Exhibitions. A business event is another definition for MICE. The MICE market refers to a specialized set of group tourism dedicated to planning, booking, and facilitating conferences, seminars, and other events. And it’s a big money-maker in the travel industry.